Introducing the new podcast formats for season 2

In recent podcasts, I’ve alluded ┬áto some changes in the format that will be taking place during season 2. So in preparation for the upcoming release of episode 1, here’s what you can expect to hear over the course of the next season:

Flash Edition podcasts -10-15 minutes in length on a variety of topics which have a concentrated amount of appeal, and don’t require a lengthy timeline to cover. We’ve already had one Flash Edition podcast (The Anacreontic Song) but in the upcoming seasons, I may be posting more of these.

Normal length podcasts – The normal length podcasts run between 30 and 45 minutes. When you see a new normal length podcast, you can be sure that the content has quality research behind it, and will go into some depth on the topic. Season 1 was comprised primarily of normal length podcasts, so you can continue to expect the same quality, with perhaps a bit of narrative style mixed in to improve the entertainment quality. While the entertainment quality is important to me, the value of the information I deliver has always been, and will continue to be #1 on the agenda

Totally Geeked Edition – The Totally Geeked Edition podcasts will run 50 minutes and over┬ádepending on how much depth I decide to get into with the topic. This is a new addition to the planned line-up for Geeked on History, and I’ll be experimenting with this concept by releasing a Totally Geeked Edition for the first episode of season 2. Totally Geeked Edition podcasts will be lighter on narrative structure, but will make up for that in the density of information.

Honestly, this category of podcast is mainly being created for my self-indulgence. I wanted to have the freedom to live without borders in the production of this project, and the best way I can see to follow through with that ambition is to lose myself in the topic and take my time researching through as many sources as I want in order to cover every angle I find interesting. This category is also the reason that I have decided to abolish release dates.

So I hope that gives you all some insight into some of the changes you’ll see coming up. I’m excited to see where season 2 takes us, and I really hope that you’ll join me on this journey. I also hope you’ll all begin a dialogue with me on what you like about the podcast, what you don’t like about the podcast, or whatever else you feel like talking to me about.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Stay geeky!

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