GOH thanks to listeners

Hi geeks!

Over the last year, producing the show with my good friend Ryan has been one of the best hobbies i’ve ever had. Talking about history with you all and learning new things along the way brought me a lot of joy, as did hearing all of the feedback from the listeners of the show.

Unfortunately, producing the show is very time consuming. Between finding the topics, writing the scripts, recording the shows and editing them all before publishing, it’s something that has become more and more difficult to find time to do.

I can speak for Ryan too when I say that neither of us ever wanted to put out a show that was anything less than our best. Because of this time demand, we have decided to put the show on what may become a permanent break.

If at some point in the future, circumstances change and we’re able to continue to develop the show, you may see episodes hit your podcast stream, but until then – thank you all for listening to me every week.

Even though the show may not be around (as much?) the spirit of the show lives on, so as usual, make totally sure that you stay geeky!