News: What happened to the Hunley?

Who doesn’t love submarines? The idea of being able to sink beneath the waves and explore the world below has a draw to it that calls back to our most basic instincts in the same way that flight does.

See, there are two questions that are asked of every new technology that has ever been created:

1) “How can I use this to make things go boom?”


2) “Can this be used for porn?” (although you can also extrapolate this question to be “How can I use this to find sexual satisfaction?”

The submarine was no different and so devoid of any practical applications for pornography or otherwise sexual satisfaction, the implications of using the submarine to make things go boom became a major draw for those with the dough to invest into the idea.

From this question sprung forth many concepts for a militarized submersible, one of them coming at a time when killing technologies were benefiting from the same mechanical precision as commodities like cotton – the industrial revolution.

This is where the C.S.S. Hunley comes in.

I have the Hunley on my list of topics to cover so I’m going to stay away from diving too deep (no pun intended) into this topic, but there has always been a bit of a mystery about what exactly caused the Hunley to sink.

There has been a flurry over the past 15-20 years over the discovery of a number of sunken vessels being found after generations have considered them lost to time including the C.S.S. Merrimac, and Blackbeard’s pirate ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. The C.S.S. Hunley was raised in 2000 and has been under intense scrutiny ever since coming to shore, but the reason for the sinking of the first effective naval submarine has been elusive.

As researchers investigate the remains of the crew, maybe soon there will finally be a definitive answer to the question: what happened to the Hunley?


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