Artistic credits

Everyone has their talents, but very few people are talented in everything. Such is the case with me as well. I’m an absolute dunce at anything even remotely artistic, so I had to call in some talented people to give me a hand:

Kevin Beaty has worked on the cover-art for the podcast for two seasons. Kevin makes promises on the content he plans to deliver, and then takes those expectations and completely surpasses them consistently. So if you’re into the graphics we’ve been using for the podcast cover art, head on over to and look at some of the other work he’s done.

Brian Hamilton is responsible for the bumper tracks that you hear during the podcast. Getting custom audio for free is a very rare gift. Few things about a podcast are as iconic and memorable as the intro music, and the tracks Brian has provided are the perfect sound to mark the introduction to the show. So a very special thanks to Brian for helping me out in that area.

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