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Special Thanks

Now that we have this ship off the dock, I want to send out a HUGE thank you to these folks for helping give this podcast legs:

Kevin Beaty – Thanks a heap for the cover art! Napoleon probably never thought he’d have a pixelized representation of himself far, far into the future. But if he were alive today, I imagine he’d be as impressed as I was when I saw it.

Brian Hamilton – The hardest part of this has been finding a proper intro track, so thanks for taking the time to work with me to get it sorted out.

My wife Amanda – For supporting my habits and addiction to history enough to encourage me not to stop working on this project, and for graciously loaning her computer to the recording and editing effort. Life is a lot easier when you have a good partner in your corner.

Ryan Duff – Last on the list, but absolutely not least. Couldn’t have come this far without your help linking me up with some mad talent, and the hosting space. The thing I want to thank you most for though is for taking the time to hear out all the dirty pre-release cuts and give honest feedback. Finding friends willing to spend the time and dedication to quality control a friend’s project is a rare trait, and i’m deeply thankful I have a friend like you to do that for me.


Without any of these outstanding people, this podcast wouldn’t have made it anywhere. I’m lucky to have such a great support network to help make a project like this successful.


Thanks, yous guys!

Hello and welcome!

Hi friends!

Thanks for visiting the companion blog for the Geeked On History podcast!

History is a living thing. The context of any given historic situation bleeds out from the edges of the GOH! podcast, so our sincere hope is that we have encouraged you to participate in the discussion, but more importantly that you have been inspired to engage in your own research on these topics.

Stay Geeky!