Introducing the new podcast formats for season 2

In recent podcasts, I’ve alluded  to some changes in the format that will be taking place during season 2. So in preparation for the upcoming release of episode 1, here’s what you can expect to hear over the course of the next season:

Flash Edition podcasts -10-15 minutes in length on a variety of topics which have a concentrated amount of appeal, and don’t require a lengthy timeline to cover. We’ve already had one Flash Edition podcast (The Anacreontic Song) but in the upcoming seasons, I may be posting more of these.

Normal length podcasts – The normal length podcasts run between 30 and 45 minutes. When you see a new normal length podcast, you can be sure that the content has quality research behind it, and will go into some depth on the topic. Season 1 was comprised primarily of normal length podcasts, so you can continue to expect the same quality, with perhaps a bit of narrative style mixed in to improve the entertainment quality. While the entertainment quality is important to me, the value of the information I deliver has always been, and will continue to be #1 on the agenda

Totally Geeked Edition – The Totally Geeked Edition podcasts will run 50 minutes and over depending on how much depth I decide to get into with the topic. This is a new addition to the planned line-up for Geeked on History, and I’ll be experimenting with this concept by releasing a Totally Geeked Edition for the first episode of season 2. Totally Geeked Edition podcasts will be lighter on narrative structure, but will make up for that in the density of information.

Honestly, this category of podcast is mainly being created for my self-indulgence. I wanted to have the freedom to live without borders in the production of this project, and the best way I can see to follow through with that ambition is to lose myself in the topic and take my time researching through as many sources as I want in order to cover every angle I find interesting. This category is also the reason that I have decided to abolish release dates.

So I hope that gives you all some insight into some of the changes you’ll see coming up. I’m excited to see where season 2 takes us, and I really hope that you’ll join me on this journey. I also hope you’ll all begin a dialogue with me on what you like about the podcast, what you don’t like about the podcast, or whatever else you feel like talking to me about.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Stay geeky!

Supplemental blogpost: The Deseret Stone

Did you know that the Washington monument bears a vestige of the independent Mormon state that never was?

As a prelude to the content in the upcoming Season 2 episode 1 podcast (to be released in the very near future!) This blog-post is a nod to a Mormon Easter egg located in our humble federal capitol.

Before Utah territory was officially recognized and sanctioned by the United States government, Brigham Young and his band of settlers established a provisional state which existed for just over 2 years. This early territory was named “Deseret” after the word for “honeybee” in the Book of Mormon.

This gave rise to the Utah state symbol of a beehive and the nickname for Utah,  “The Beehive State”.

In recognition of their new provisional territory, A brick was commissioned by the legislature of Deseret to represent Deseret in the iconic monument being constructed in the District of Columbia.

The unassuming brick is located on the 220 ft. landing inside of the monument, the brick is adorned with the symbolic beehive and an inscription that reads “Holiness to the lord” and “Deseret”.

The brick was crafted by Mormon pioneer artist William Ward and was donated to the project in 1853 just before federal funding for the monument project dried up temporarily.

Be sure to look for it if you ever visit the nation’s capitol, and decide to hoof it up the stairs of the Washington Monument rather than taking the convenient elevators!

Podcast release timeline announcement

Hi everybody!

I’ve been doing a lot of preparation for season 2, and I’m very excited about the content coming up!

Before season 2 gets started though, I wanted to make an announcement regarding the continuity of the podcast, and give a little reasoning for how I came to this decision:

Geeked on History will no-longer have a strict release schedule.

When I decided to start up a history podcast, I did so because I wanted a new hobby that utilized one of my life-long passions. I’ve always been a nerd when it comes to modern history, and I wanted to make a podcast that gave me the opportunity to share that passion with others like myself, but also enrich my understanding with research on topics that were of a particular interest to me.

After having more time between seasons 1 and 2, I’ve been able to do the research on those topics with the amount of time I really feel like I deserve, and more importantly, that the topics deserve in order for me to be able to cover all of the nuances properly.

I feel that doing the podcast without an arbitrary schedule will produce the kind of podcast I had intended to produce from day one.

I hope that you all will see the difference, and that the podcast reflects the kind of quality that I had intended for it from day one.

Thanks for reading, and keep it geeky.

Season 1 is Complete! Hiatus Timer Begins Now.

The first season of GoH! is in the history books! I want to sincerely thank you all for listening to season one of Geeked on History, and throw out a quick reminder to make sure you’re checking for updates @geekedonhistory on twitter and subscribe, rate, and review GoH on itunes so that others looking for history podcasts on itunes can see what you think of the podcast.

We will all be circling the wagons again on May 4th for the next episode, so set your calendars for that in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I may be trying to add some more new ways to be interactive here on the blog including some polls and content.

So check back in about 3 weeks and in the mean time, stay geeky!

The Black Tsunami – The Story of the Boston Molasses Disaster

The early days of industry are fraught with negligence and death thanks to the lack of accountability on the barons of big business. Few industrial accidents match the scale and absurdity of the often overlooked Boston molasses flood of 1919.



Season 1 is almost complete – An important announcement of upcoming changes to Geeked on History

Hello readers and listeners!

I have decided to end the first season of Geeked on History a little sooner than I had planned to. I wanted to take us into 13 episodes, but I’m finding that 10 might be the right number to end on so that I can begin working in some important changes to the operation of the podcast.

Here are a few highlights of what to expect:

  1. The last episode of Season I will be posted on 7 April, 2014
  2. I expect to have my changes made, and episode 1 of Season II posted by 4 May, 2014
  3. I may be adding a “donate” button to the site for listeners who feel compelled to support the podcast monetarily
  4. Roll out a new intro track for the podcast
  5. Changing the release format from once per week to once every-other week (or possibly more frequent)

Part of what I’m planning on using this time for is to regroup a little in celebration of our 100th geek to subscribe and make some changes to increase the quality of the podcast looking forward to the 200th geek.

I want to be able to have the time I need in order to do quality research on the topics going forward, and a weekly release schedule for someone who works a day job is a bit too much to reflect the kind of quality I want to see in this podcast.

I want to be able to plan a schedule and mess with some themes for Season II so that Geeked on History doesn’t turn into a grinding history podcast, but more of a thoughtful look at history.

So without turning this post into an endless slog of details, I’ll end it here pledging that I WILL RETURN! Better…more entertaining, and with higher quality topics and research.

Thanks for faithfully listening! Stay geeky!

The Magical Mythical Moulin Rouge

We’ve all heard the name at some point, but just what was this place? Part dance club, part brothel, part hippie commune, the Moulin Rouge might be one of the most fascinating topics for the Geeked on History podcast yet!




The Story of the Anacreontic Song (flash edition!!)

What’s that? You say you’ve never heard the Anacreontic Song before? I’m willing to bet that you have! Learn the history of the song and why it’s important to both British and American culture in this brief Flash Edition podcast.



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