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All kinds of news!

Wow, today feels like it was a huge day for history related items! Maybe I just got lucky and ran into an unusual amount today, but I’ve chosen a couple things I think are worthy of putting up on the old blog here.

Pieces of the Voynich Manuscript have been decoded

If you’re unfamiliar with the Voynich Manuscript, it’s a document that carbon dates to the 15th century and is written in a language unfamiliar to any era experts. Named after the book dealer who found it – Wilfrid Voynich – The manuscript has befuddled researchers and crypt-analysts alike, and appears to be some kind of alchemist’s guide.

It was recently announced that professor Bax – a professor of linguistics at the University of Bedfordshire has applied the same analytical technique used by other lost language analysts like Young and Champollion who decrypted demotic hieroglyphics. The technique which was used was to look for commonly used names, and apply them where the language would have been used.

For instance, if you know that in the English language you can expect a common greeting followed by the name of who the letter is for, and that this will be the first thing in the letter, you can suss out what our common greeting would be “dear (so and so)”

Professor Bax was able to decipher two words so far: “Kantairon” and “Taurus” which indicate that previous theories that the manuscript was falsified may be incorrect.

At this point, only time will tell what the purpose of the Voynich Manuscript is, but the secrets are on their way to being solved!

The US Army’s Treasure Room

According to Buzzfeed author Benny Johnson, the US Army does indeed maintain a repository not unlike the vast chamber of boxes shown in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

The so called “treasure room” is at Fort Belvoir, Virginia and holds  all manner of items from every conflict the US Army has participated in including weapons, uniforms, and even art. There are even original watercolors by Adolph Hitler himself.

These amazing items can not be displayed, however because of a lack of space. The good news is that there is currently a plan to build a museum, but the project is dependent upon obtaining funding. Be sure to read the buzzfeed article to see the amazing photos, and if you’re interested in the project to fund the museum, please see this link.