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Moulin Rouge Re-issue

Hello, geeky colleagues!

Here at the Geeked on History podcast, we like to maintain a certain standard of recording and editing quality.

It’s my personal opinion that a podcast that sounds like it was recorded in someone’s garage can be distracting and detract from the content of the speaker. Bad edits tend to do the same thing.

A listener of the podcast (thank you very much to the listener for letting me know!) pointed out that the Moulin Rouge podcast had a couple small issues with the editing.

So to show that I am truly comitted to the quality of the podcast, I would like to re-issue the Magical Mystical Moulin Rouge with improved edits. If you’d like the reissued version, it is now available by reviewing the previous blogpost on the moulin rouge, or by downloading from Itunes.

If you hear something amiss with the podcast, I encourage you to let me know so that I can rectify the issues in quality. If it bothered you, it surely bothered others.

Thanks, and stay geeky!