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The Massacre at Mountain Meadows

September 11th symbolizes tragedy for Americans for the terrorist attacks in 2011. For some people in the USA, September 11th stands for another American tragedy – the massacre of 120 innocent travelers through Utah territory.




Andrew Jackson: The Bear (Part III)

In the final part of the Andrew Jackson series we ask the question, has there ever been a president more into dueling? We round out our three part series on Andrew Jackson through an assassination attempt, and his death.



Andrew Jackson: The Bear (Part I)

Hey, who’s that guy on the 20? In honor of President’s day 2014, this episode kicks off a 3 part series on one of the most masculine US presidents there ever was. Impress your girlfriend by trying your best to emulate him while walking around your house by dealing out some raw justice and being lippy to British commanding officers!

If Andrew Jackson had been an animal….scratch that….Andrew Jackson WAS an animal. He was a bear of a man, and if you don’t believe me then have a listen!