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Nick and Geeked on History will be back!


It’s been a while since Geeked on History has released a podcast (October to be exact) and if you saw the last post on the blog, you’ll see that it’s likely to be a while longer before more is published to the Geeked on History series….but rest assured, the series is NOT dead!

I do want to give you all an update on what I have been doing in the meantime though.

I am pleased to announce officially that I am working on a collaborative project with host of The History of the Papacy podcast host and partner in historic crime, Stephen Guerra.

The project is a new series which will be a deep look at the interconnected events of the Cold War. The project has yet to be given an official title, but having just completed the outline, I think you’ll all be excited by the content.

So stay tuned to the Geeked on History blog for updates on new GoH episodes and news on the new series.

Stay geeky, friends!

The Horrors of Unit 731

This week’s podcast touches on a very tough subject – the subject of brutal human experimentation during World War II.

This episode is not for those who are easily put-off by graphic descriptions of violence, so consider this a fair warning for the content of this week’s podcast.


“Surprise, Kill and Vanish” – Meet The JEDBURGHs

Hello again, Geeks!

In today’s podcast, we get our hands a little dirty on World War 2 history. I know, I know. I used it as a point of pride to say that we tried to avoid covering too many topics in the WWII era, but I feel that this topic qualifies as quality content for Geeked on History ears.

Operation JEDBURGH was an old concept applied with new effectiveness. Gone were the days of security deep within the borders of a rapidly advancing front. When air troop transports can drop covert teams of saboteurs behind your lines, any illusions of safety evaporated like water on a hot summer day.

So nestle in with your choice of summer beverage (I’ll take a Bell’s Oberon, please!) and enjoy the podcast!

And don’t forget to stay geeky!


The Dreaded Demon Core

Welcome back, geeks!

Today we’re going to revisit one of my favorite topics – nuclear/cold war history.

At the very end of WWII, the Americans developed one of the most terrifying weapons that the world has ever seen. Powered by a chunk of enriched and unstable fissile material, the parts of the weapons were almost as dangerous to human life as their sum.

Because of the lives that it took, one such core would come to be known by its sinister and ominous moniker: The Demon Core.


The Massacre at Mountain Meadows

September 11th symbolizes tragedy for Americans for the terrorist attacks in 2011. For some people in the USA, September 11th stands for another American tragedy – the massacre of 120 innocent travelers through Utah territory.




Supplemental blogpost: The Deseret Stone

Did you know that the Washington monument bears a vestige of the independent Mormon state that never was?

As a prelude to the content in the upcoming Season 2 episode 1 podcast (to be released in the very near future!) This blog-post is a nod to a Mormon Easter egg located in our humble federal capitol.

Before Utah territory was officially recognized and sanctioned by the United States government, Brigham Young and his band of settlers established a provisional state which existed for just over 2 years. This early territory was named “Deseret” after the word for “honeybee” in the Book of Mormon.

This gave rise to the Utah state symbol of a beehive and the nickname for Utah,  “The Beehive State”.

In recognition of their new provisional territory, A brick was commissioned by the legislature of Deseret to represent Deseret in the iconic monument being constructed in the District of Columbia.

The unassuming brick is located on the 220 ft. landing inside of the monument, the brick is adorned with the symbolic beehive and an inscription that reads “Holiness to the lord” and “Deseret”.

The brick was crafted by Mormon pioneer artist William Ward and was donated to the project in 1853 just before federal funding for the monument project dried up temporarily.

Be sure to look for it if you ever visit the nation’s capitol, and decide to hoof it up the stairs of the Washington Monument rather than taking the convenient elevators!

The Black Tsunami – The Story of the Boston Molasses Disaster

The early days of industry are fraught with negligence and death thanks to the lack of accountability on the barons of big business. Few industrial accidents match the scale and absurdity of the often overlooked Boston molasses flood of 1919.



The Story of the Anacreontic Song (flash edition!!)

What’s that? You say you’ve never heard the Anacreontic Song before? I’m willing to bet that you have! Learn the history of the song and why it’s important to both British and American culture in this brief Flash Edition podcast.